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Handmade custom leather industry wind blowing unique quest

Handmade custom leather industry wind blowing unique quest

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The 30-year-old boy wants to send his girlfriend a unique birthday present, and finally his eyes are on the leather order: the hand-made object is subtle, not “face-to-face”, and will also remember hi
Custom handbag
The 30-year-old boy wants to send his girlfriend a unique birthday present, and finally his eyes are on the leather order: the hand-made object is subtle, not “face-to-face”, and will also remember his logo.
From the earliest handcrafted leather, the development of industrial production, now a lap back to "private customization", and walking on the high-end route. Among them, custom belts, the most popular people are also more stores.
Make a wallet for more than 10 hours
Yesterday afternoon, the station, hand-made leather custom shopkeeper Zhang Jiao 80 years later is a black leather wallet bag, which is the merchandise of his merchandise store. "The most difficult of the cow skin, the quality of the material is the best." Zhang Jiao took out a piece of leather, the leather was sketched with a silver pen, and after cutting, part of the outline of the wallet appeared. Next, he was "cut" and hammered in the leather to sew the sewing thread hole, and the light took three hours.
Completed the hole, Zhang Jiao and vegetable sponge glue, leather bag, air after good sewing again the next day, metal processing, etc. Zhang Jiao said, if you do not eat or drink, do not sleep, more than 10 hours of wallet.
Process hardware costs are higher
Zhang Jiao has been in the handmade leather industry for 3 years. Because I love to take pictures, I don't like SLR cameras. He made a leather wristband himself, and then interest-bearing leather hand-made, self-study handmade, custom-made leather products.
In Anshan, custom leather is slightly higher in finished products. Zhang Jiao introduced that in addition to "money", leather, hardware costs are high. The assembly line is mass produced and the custom leather hardware may be an orphan work. Zhang Jiaozhuo "cuts", four 700 yuan, incomplete tools add up to nearly 3,000 yuan.
Customer "physical labor"
In recent years, more and more guests have begun to pay close attention to customized handmade leather goods. Zhang Jiao believes that this is a return to traditional consumption.
Zhang Jiao said that there is a middle-aged customer ordering wallet, so that the two main hand sewing lines are stored on the wallet. The customer's reason is: "One thousand years who is famous in the future, become a master, his wallet is there Value."
Custom-made leather, manual work, more willing to trade. Citizen Wu Yuwei told reporters that she ordered the pad in February and spent more than 300 yuan. Although there are many different types of padding market, she still prefers texture and never is the season of handmade leather goods.
With the "affordable" coin purse is not worthwhile
Zhang Jiao, said his order, the belt is the most popular. The price of the watch is 5,000 yuan, the original belt is 700 yuan, the price of the manual order is 300 yuan, and the quality is as good as the original. If it is a custom coin purse, the price is not very "smart", the price of 80 - 120 yuan is only the price of leather popular, even slightly higher than the same goods.
In the future, the development of customized leather, Zhang Jiao said, consumers will gradually reach an agreement, continue to pay attention, in addition, due to the hand-made leather sweat cohesion craftsman, custom leather still has to take the high-end route in the future.